Top high imitation watches are not going to have too much profit

At present, the factory that makes the top imitation table is too complicated. I only picked a few representative ones to talk about. Let’s talk about the consumption concept. I have seen too many people who look down on the imitation. You Channels that can be contacted, Taobao and other places are full of tens of thousands of movements everywhere, a dazzling array of "Swiss assembly" imports Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, these low imitations are inconceivable, for those who love watches It is an insulting replica watch culture, but what you need to know is that the cost of watchmaking of a genuine brand production replica watches (pure hand-made watch of PP flow) is absolutely beyond the price of 8% to 13% of its price. In other words, this industry is a huge profit, which is why it gives the living space of the top high imitation table.

Real top-level high imitation table will not have too much profit, no matter what factory is one by one with respect and dedication to the clock, each fake watch goes to the counter to buy the real table, teardown modeling Studying every detail, through continuous improvement of the details of the new version to achieve the purpose of full simulation, even in only three years to remove the process of the Swiss factory outside the movement, so that domestic seagulls and other big factories are ashamed, personally feel fine Imitation industry can promote the industry's staff, isn't China's armaments the same? It is the truth of the teacher to master the skills. Everyone from top to bottom in the fine imitation industry is doing it with ingenuity, which is why the short imitation table can really “go into the counter” in just three years.

There are a lot of people who buy imitation watches in order to play, and the watchers call them "detoxification". I have seen many people with a lot of money to buy fine imitation watches to play, because they don't look at those imaginary things, they only look at your craft quality. In fact, the sales of foreign imitation watches are better than domestic ones. I often see foreign friends who have bought a lot of imitation goods in Guangzhou, China, to return home. The foreigners are not protecting intellectual property rights as you think, just people's countries. The law is perfect, and the Chinese people will hear the high imitation and jump on the foot and say that they will not look down and never buy it. They don’t want to understand it or look at it. Anyone who has been to knows that foreigners like to use the real table and the N factory to discuss the contrast, called RepWatch instead of simply fake. Foreigners are so respectful of domestic crafts. Although this kind of thing is not correct after all, it is not a glorious thing, but I also ask everyone to respect the ingenuity and domestic imitation watches crafts of the Chinese people and give them a corresponding understanding. Don't wear the heart of the game to buy the fine imitation table. The watch that you bring out can be controlled by yourself. If you are a real replica watch, others will say that this is a fake watch. It is the best for you.